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Jerome Lawrence Michael Beckley Releases His First CD On

ULTIMASONGS is proud to announce the release of Jerome Lawrence Michael Beckley's new CD called "OFFLEASH". Jerome awarded ULTIMASONGS Records the exclusive release of his CD.

OFFLEASH (beckley) ~ brian c peters on electric guitar and pedal steel, shaun turner on keyboard

rest easy (beckley) ~ david scoggin on keyboard, sampled B-3 and bass, scooter nelson on
percussion, drums and vocals

small town world (beckley) ~ david scoggin on keyboard, sampled vibes, bass and rhodes piano;
randy scherer on muted trumpet and scooter nelson on drums

fools in love (beckley) ~ dik shopteau on fretless and fretted bass, scooter nelson on drums,
percussion and vocals, tom williams on electric, guitar, brian c peters on electric guitar and
pedal steel

read a book like a song (beckley) ~ sean turner on keyboard, sampled piano and strings

my one and only love (wood/mellin) ~ arranged by david scoggin, david scoggin on keyboard,
robert scoggin on double bass, scooter nelson on drums

offleash (beckley)

jerome beckley ~ vocals and takamine nylon-stringed guitar
front cover ~ watercolor of “coco” by jerome beckley
back cover ~ watercolor of “taylor” by jerome beckley
graphic design ~ jerome beckley
mastered by Dik Shopteau at godikgo studios
produced and engineered by Scott scooter Nelson at
For my parents, who never heard me perform. I think they’d like this project.

Also, take a look at the YouTube film clip by Scott Thoelke, shot at an offleash park under the Hollywood sign. Music, film editing and production by Jerome Lawrence Michael Beckley using iMovie. The song is an original tune “Offleash” from the EP of the same name. Jerome Beckley on guitar with Brian C. Peters on pedal steel and Shawn Turner keyboards. Dogs are the same the world over.

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